IGEL Technology

IGEL Technology is no less than a breath of relief in today’s demanding world of IT services for enterprises and organizations. IGEL Technology is a company which has been able to successfully deliver software and hardware technology services to revamp the world of IT in compliance with the latest systems and COBIT 5 training.

Previously known best for the provision of thin clients, IGEL has revamped its service range by offering software services. It is now extensively known as a software provider company which delivers a good deal of hardware and software technology and services for different clients. The most common hardware services offered by the IGEL Technology are the Thin Clients and Zero Clients. Speaking of software technology and services, IGEL Technology wins the competition by providing IGEL-OS powered End-point management services and Desktop Virtualization.

IGEL Technology has strong alliances with some of the most prominent software tycoons such as Intel, Microsoft, AMG, Citrix, VMware, and Samsung. Speaking of the healthcare sector, IGEL Technology has strong partnership alliances with OEMs such as Caradigm and Imprivata. These alliances are the actual evidence of company’ capability of delivering COBIT 2019 training.

Notable products:


IGEL Technology has a good range of unique hardware products which best comply with the latest Virtualization and cloud-based systems.

  • Thin Clients: Thin clients are just another name for fanless and lightweight computers which are connected to Virtual database hard drives using Remote Desktop Protocols or RDPs. The significant benefit of Thin clients, as offered by IGEL Technology, is that these devices are safer and more secure than traditional PCs. This means that if a user accidentally clicks on a malware link then the Thin client, being not connected other thin clients, will not be able to disperse the malware to other thin clients connected to the virtual
  • Zero Clients: Zero clients are substantially identical to Thin clients as both of these devices are lightweight, fanless, do not have hard drives and are connected to virtual database hard drives to perform their computing tasks. Zero clients also referred as Ultra-Thin clients, and they can distinguish from thin clients by configuration settings. The thin clients have their configuration settings in flash memory whereas; the zero clients use minimalist operating systems such as Windows Embedded or Linux.


  • Endpoint Management (UMS): To save the enterprises from the hassle of safeguarding and managing the ever-growing system endpoints, IGEL Technology brings the most efficient Endpoint management solutions powered by IGEL-OS. The need for Endpoint management solutions lies in the fact that companies need efficient management of remote operations as well as safeguarding their devices against malicious security threats. Growth is an inevitable part of any company, and with growth, the number of endpoints also grows. Non-computer endpoints such as printers, fax machines, and scanners also need to be safeguarded and managed. This is where IGEL Technology Endpoint solution jump in. IGEL Technology endpoint solutions offer:
    • Tracking of inventory
    • Deployment of new apps and patches
    • Monitoring and management of devices