Importance of Ballistic Technology for security purposes

Ballistics is a very diverse field of mechanics. Mainly consisting of the study of projectile motions, ballistics technology plays a major role in accomplishing security and defense purposes. Let it be the manufacture of ballistic missiles, anti-aircraft guns, missile defense systems or forensic ballistics, the technology is capable of a lot. As all of our rockets, missiles, and even bullets rely on the very branch of mechanics, that’s how the Importance of Ballistic Technology for security purposes remains unchanged.

The concept of firing a missile at the enemy, containing the warhead, powered with nothing but inertia and gravity is quite exceptional. Nonetheless, ballistics remained limited to the manufacturing of such projectiles for quite a time. Whereas in the present age, where the world is rapidly advancing in AI, smarter weapons are coming to life; thus, the study of ballistics has further extended. COBIT 5 training its identification of weapon used in a crime scene or protective barriers, it has all kind of benefits.

Military use and Benefits of Ballistic Technology:

Apart from the use of ballistic technology in missiles, there are infinite other uses and importance of ballistic technology for security purposes in the military. One of which remains a region of focus at the present time. That is the use of ballistic materials for the manufacture of army vehicles, tanks, and other armored automobiles. As it would provide a much lighter yet stronger surface for armed, assault-ready vehicles. Therefore, enhancing their deployable capabilities and minimizing response time. Especially when such machines are being air-lifted by army planes. In addition to that, the lighter surface would also prove to be a successful tool for enhancing fuel efficiency. Ultimately making the military vehicles more COBIT 2019 training.

Forensic Ballistics:

Forensic ballistics is a study that deals with the identification of bullets fired during a crime scene, the weapons used and distance from the victim. Just like fingerprints, every weapon/gun leaves distinctive marks on a bullet when fired due to mixture of cordite and gunpowder. When examined through a comparison microscope, it can lead to the criminal in a much faster way. Therefore, forensic ballistics can prove to be an effective tool for police that helps in the legal procedure of investigation and put the culprit behind bars.

Ballistic barriers:

Ballistic barriers are the future of security. An alternative to steel with much less weight but high strain and resistance, ballistic barriers can offer much efficient protection of hardened structures such as explosives storage facilities, bunkers, aircraft shelters, protection of sensitive buildings and storage areas. Places where the defense warheads of a country lie, schools, hospitals, banks, government, and intelligence buildings. Currently, there are many companies that provide ballistic barriers in the form of moldable panels and kits to retrofit the existing furniture, structures, and seating systems.



Unlike ballistic missiles, the fields of forensic ballistics and protective barriers remain largely in the research phase. However, it is quite clear that the future use and importance of Ballistic Technology for security purposes is very significant. Not only we would have stronger, lighter weapons and armed vehicles but also the antidote to it in the form of protective barriers. Ultimately an overall improved defense system.