Many developing countries of the world seek help from researchers and scientists for their establishment as technology plays a vital role in the development of any state, organization, or even individual. Those who can take control of IT are drawing benefits from it. Most of the underdeveloped are facing issues because they are digitally backward. To flourish, one has COBIT 5 training.

Here, we will discuss the role of IT in the development of leading countries in the world.


A well-known country for the researches is said to be Japan. Scientists carry out various studies contributing to the tech field immensely. The area of their contribution include automobiles, electronics, machinery, earthquake engineering, optics, industrial robotics, metals, and semiconductors. Many Japanese researchers have won Nobel Prizes, especially in the field of robotics.


On the second comes the most advanced country in terms of space technology that is the United States of America. They have carried out several types of research, experiments, and attempts from landing on the moon to being an atomic power. Their area of work includes not only exploring the space but improvising defense, pharma, and communication system.

Many tech companies have been developed by the US, including Facebook, IBM, Google, etc.


Southern Korea is said to be the motherland of various tech companies, including Samsung, LG, etc. The companies working in South Korea are globally renowned and have been competing against others. The scientists have contributed a lot in the field of robotics and telecommunication, making WiFi signals three times better than COBIT 2019 training.


Israel comes under the top five countries in the exploration and science of space. Its export is 35 percent based on the technology, known for its defense system. Iron Drone is one of the most famous inventions by the Israeli scientists after the first uncrewed aerial vehicle (UAV) based on the camera.


For almost a century, Germany has been proudly known as one of the most high-tech nations in the world. The main area of contribution by the Germans is said to be engineering. However, many scientists have also worked in the field of biotechnology and space exploration. The most important part of the economy of Germany is the R&D efforts. Many renowned automobile brands, including Porsche, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, and Volkswagen has been developed in Germany. Observing such vehicles, scientists in Germany have created Dolphin submarines for their defense industry, which were sold to many other countries.


The first voyage was sent to the moon by Russia, as they were the first to think about the exploration of space. Russians were the superpowers before the US being the leading producer of weapons and defense technology. One of the topnotch defense systems fully loaded by the latest technology was of Russia. The main contribution in the field of defense was the surface-to-air missile systems, which were efficient than many other weapons in the world, being able to fire more than 80 km.