The Many Roles Of Microsoft Azure Certification Holder

Multiple roles for a variety of expertise – that’s Microsoft Azure certification. Success in completing a certification can unlock more future career opportunities.

Microsoft Azure role-based certifications permit one to develop their desired expertise in cloud networking solutions. Each certification role contributes to the betterment of Azure in an enterprise. This makes every Microsoft Azure role unique.

Azure Administrator Associate

Instrumental to maintain the operations of Microsoft Azure-related services including storage, network, and security. The certification holder possess the power to keep cloud computing operational.

Administrator Developer Associate

One to work with cloud solution architects, cloud DBAs, cloud administrators, clients, and others to implement Azure solutions. In addition, developing and managing applications will also be required to optimize Microsoft Azure training.

Security Engineer Associate

What stands between Azure meltdown and cybersecurity attacks is you. The certification holder acts as gatekeeper to safeguard the hosted data from cyberattacks. Threat protection, identity management, security control, and others must be mastered for this role.

AI Engineer Associate

Implementing AI solutions to integrate it with Azure will be the core duty of this certification holder. Cognitive Services, Machine Learning, Knowledge Mining and others are among the tools required for one to develop AI solutions that suit their needs.

Data Scientist Associate

Love data? This role is your calling. As the name implies, data science is essential for one to perform in this role. One is expected to apply data science to develop machine learning solutions.

Data Engineer Associate

Are you prepared to handle Azure data services to implement
the management, monitoring, security, and data privacy strategies? This certification requires one to undergo two preparation Azure courses.

BONUS: Additional Roles

DevOps Engineer Expert

A high level certification whereby one is required to combine people, process, and technologies in their job duties. This role also requires one to deliver quality solutions that meet the business goals.

Solutions Architect Expert

Capable to administer computing, networking, storage, and security solutions, this role is quite possibly, the jack of all trade for Microsoft Azure management. While the certification exam of this role is arguably challenging, it pays off because it is in high demand by employers.